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Software Processes

Mi 11:00 - 12:30, Knorke

Session Chair: Matthias Riebisch

  • Jil Klünder, Melanie Busch, Natalie Dehn and Oliver Karras.
    Towards Shaping the Software Lifecycle with Methods and Practices
  • Christoph Mayr-Dorn, Michael Vierhauser, Stefan Bichler, Felix Keplinger, Jane Cleland-Huang, Alexander Egyed and Thomas Mehofer.
    Automated Process-Centric Quality Constraints Checking for Quality Assurance in Safety-critical Systems
  • Lukas Moldon, Markus Strohmaier and Johannes Wachs.
    How Gamification Affects Software Developers: Cautionary Evidence from a Natural Experiment on GitHub
  • Marian Daun, Alicia Grubb and Bastian Tenbergen.
    Three Major Instructional Approaches for Requirements Engineering

Software Architecture

Mi 13:30 - 15:00, Knorke

Session Chair: Jan Jürjens

  • Holger Knoche and Wilhelm Hasselbring.
    Continuous API Evolution in Heterogenous Enterprise Software Systems
  • Mohamed Soliman, Marion Wiese, Yikun Li, Matthias Riebisch and Paris Avgeriou.
    Exploring Web Search Engines to Find Architectural Knowledge
  • Philipp Gnoyke, Sandro Schulze and Jacob Krüger.
    An Evolutionary Analysis of Software-Architecture Smells
  • Tarik Terzimehic, Kirill Dorofeev and Sebastian Voss.
    Exploring Architectural Design Decisions in Industry 4.0: A Literature Review and Taxonomy

Virtual Reality for SE

Mi 15:30 - 16:30, Knorke

Session Chair: Christoph Seidl

  • Enes Yigitbas, Kadiray Karakaya, Ivan Jovanovikj and Gregor Engels.
    Enhancing Human-in-the-Loop Adaptive Systems through Digital Twins and VR Interfaces
  • Enes Yigitbas, Simon Gorissen, Nils Weidmann and Gregor Engels.
    Collaborative Software Modeling in Virtual Reality
  • Rainer Koschke and Marcel Steinbeck.
    How EvoStreets Are Observed in Three-Dimensional and Virtual Reality Environments

Software Testing

Mi 15:30 - 16:30, Duffte

Session Chair: Marie-Christine Jakobs

  • Andreas Dann, Henrik Plate, Ben Hermann, Serena Elisa Ponta and Eric Bodden.
    Identifying Challenges for OSS Vulnerability Scanners - A Study & Test Suite
  • Wing Lam, Stefan Winter, Anjiang Wei, Tao Xie, Darko Marinov and Jonathan Bell.
    A Large-Scale Longitudinal Study of Flaky Tests
  • Martin Gruber, Stephan Lukasczyk, Florian Kroiß and Gordon Fraser.
    An Empirical Study of Flaky Tests in Python

Model-Driven Engineering

Do 9:00 - 10:30, Knorke

Session Chair: Lars Grunske

  • Stefan Höppner, Matthias Tichy and Timo Kehrer.
    Contrasting Dedicated Model Transformation Languages vs. General Purpose Languages: A Historical Perspective on ATL vs. Java based on Complexity and Size
  • Raffaela Groner, Katharina Juhnke, Stefan Höppner, Matthias Tichy, Steffen Becker, Vijayshree Vijayshree and Sebastian Frank.
    A Survey on the Relevance of the Performance of Model Transformations
  • Lars Fritsche, Jens Kosiol, Adrian Möller, Andy Schürr and Gabriele Taentzer.'
    A Precedence-Driven Approach for Concurrent Model Synchronization Scenarios using Triple Graph Grammars
  • Torsten Bandyszak, Marian Daun, Bastian Tenbergen, Patrick Kuhs, Stefanie Wolf and Thorsten Weyer.
    Orthogonal Uncertainty Model: Documenting Uncertainty in the Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems

Software Analysis

Do 11:00 - 12:30, Knorke

Session Chair: Christian Hammer

  • Linghui Luo, Felix Pauck, Goran Piskachev, Manuel Benz, Ivan Pashchenko, Martin Mory, Eric Bodden, Ben Hermann and Fabio Massacci.
    TaintBench: Automatic Real-World Malware Benchmarking of Android Taint Analyses
  • Linghui Luo and Eric Bodden.
    IDE Support for Cloud-Based Static Analyses
  • Tobias Roth, Dominik Helm, Michael Reif and Mira Mezini.
    CiFi: Versatile Analysis of Class and Field Immutability
  • Roman Haas, Rainer Niedermayr, Tobias Roehm and Sven Apel.
    Kann statische Analyse unnützen Code erkennen?

Variability and Features

Do 13:30 - 15:00, Knorke

Session Chair: Rick Rabiser 

  • Paul Maximilian Bittner, Alexander Schultheiß, Thomas Thüm, Timo Kehrer, Jeffrey Young and Lukas Linsbauer.
    Feature Trace Recording
  • Alexander Schultheiß, Paul Maximilian Bittner, Thomas Thüm and Timo Kehrer.
    Scalable N-Way Model Matching Using Multi-Dimensional Search Trees
  • Stefan Mühlbauer, Sven Apel and Norbert Siegmund.
    Identifying Software Performance Changes Across Variants and Versions
  • Wardah Mahmood, Daniel Strüber, Thorsten Berger, Ralf Lämmel and Mukelabai Mukelabai.
    Seamless Variability Management With the Virtual Platform

Formal Methods I

Do 15:30 - 16:00, Knorke

Session Chair: Sibylle Schupp

  • Malte Mues and Falk Howar.
    Data-Driven Design and Evaluation of SMT Meta-Solving Strategies

Visual Programming

Fr 9:00 - 9:30, Knorke

Session Chair: Stefan Sauer

  • Bianca Wiesmayr, Alois Zoitl and Rick Rabiser.
    Assessing the Usefulness of a Visual Programming IDE for Large-Scale Automation Software

Formal Methods II

Fr 9:30 - 10:00, Knorke

Session Chair: Paula Herber

  • Jan Haltermann and Heike Wehrheim.
    CoVEGI: Cooperative Verification via Externally Generated Invariants

Software Services

Fr 11:00 - 12:30, Knorke

Session Chair: Stefan Sauer

  • Heiko Koziolek, Andreas Burger, Abdulla Pp, Julius Rückert, Shardul Sonar and Pablo Rodriguez.
    Dynamic Updates of Virtual PLCs deployed as Kubernetes Microservices
  • Nils Prenner, Jil Klünder, Michael Nolting, Oliver Sniehotta and Kurt Schneider.
    Challenges in the Development of Mobile Online Services in the Automotive Industry - A Case Study
  • Patric Genfer and Uwe Zdun.
    Identifying Domain-Based Cyclic Dependencies in Microservice APIs Using Source Code Detectors
  • Stefan Kugele, Philipp Obergfelll and Eric Sax.
    Model-based resource analysis and synthesis of service-oriented automotive software architectures